I have written many posts discussing architecture portfolio development so I have compiled them into a master list to help navigate the content. Portfolio Vol. 2 is my graduate portfolio and uses an older and simplified workflow. Portfolio Vol.3 and Vol.4  use a modern workflow and provide a more comprehensive break down of the content. Portfolio Vol. 1 was my first created in 2007. To see it, you can go HERE.

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Portfolio Vol. 4

My latest portfolio released in 2016, Portfolio Volume 4 contains new layouts and rendering styles along with continued exploration of diagrams and presentation techniques.

Portfolio Vol. 3

Completed in 2014, Portfolio Volume 3 uses a modern workflow compared to portfolio Volume 2 by introducing Indesign as way to manage pages and text. The portfolio also explores new rendering techniques and presentation styles not seen in portfolio 2.

Portfolio Vol. 2

Developed in 2007, this was my second portfolio created after grad school. The layouts are relaxed and less refined compared to the newer portfolios. Except for the thesis spreads, each project uses no more than 2 spreads to describe the project requiring a denser use of text and images in the layout. To view the portfolio in its entirety, you can go HERE.