A few weeks back, I was lucky enough to give a lecture and some workshops at Philadelphia University School of Architecture. During my tour of the city, I was blown away by the amount of development and new architecture going on. One proposal that I found especially interesting was a revitalization of an old rail line that runs through the city similar to the High Line in New York City. The project known as “Rail Park” is still a ways off from becoming a reality, however, I saw an opportunity to design a structure that connects the proposed Rail Park to the large convention center a few blocks away.  
Below is one iteration that I have been exploring. As always, this project will likely evolve quite a bit as I continue to work through ideas and refine the detailing.




Visualizing Architecture Bridging Philly By alex hogrefe Modelo »


The design will bridge across the Vine Street Expressway running north and south near 11th Street.  This seems right in my wheelhouse considering half of my projects include some sort of bridging or cantilevered form as seen in my train pavilion design, Cranbrook design, and most recently my research lab design. I am still exploring some other formal options, but for now, this is where things stand.  Beyond the design itself, I am interested and excited in the site’s proximity above the highway and the visualization options that this could generate. For now, I have uploaded my model to Modelo above, so take it for a spin and explore the design. Stay tuned for more.