I take text pretty seriously. I think of it as an opportunity to enhance a portfolio page. The odd thing is that I really only use a few different fonts with arial being used about 75% of the time. However with that one font, it seems that text can be manipulated into an infinite amount of styles by adjusting letter spacing, stretching, and switching between narrow, regular, bold, and black line weights. Bringing into the equation opacity, filters, and mask, text turns into a design project itself.



Some other things to keep in mind is alignments and spacing. I try to always have some sort of relationship between the text and the other objects on the page. I often place text on a datum line or edge and take advantage of its linearity.  If I do leave it floating on the page, I make sure to give it consistent spacing on all sides.

If your not a fan fonts already loading on your computer, there are some great sites to get just about any type of font you could want. The one I check out from time to time is dafont.com.