The Cliff retreat spreads are underway. With most of the imagery generated, I had enough content to start thinking about how the pages would be laid out and how the story would be told. As with a lot of my layouts, the styles range quite a bit from spread to spread. For example, my sections spread is filled with texture and sketchy overlays whereas the interior vignettes spread is clean and simple. The way that I negotiated these types of transitions was by carrying over some of the tones and textures of the sections spread into the interiors spread. I didn’t let these textures take over but instead diluted them and set them into the background. One other technique that I have been using is to literally let some of the images wrap around onto an adjacent spread. I folded the large aerial image onto the exterior vignettes spread which gave me a container to hold text but also bring in some color on what would have been a totally desaturated page.


Below are the cliff retreat spreads at their current state:











As I finish up this fourth project, I am preparing portfolio Vol. 4 and hope to write several upcoming posts on the progress. I will be using a similar workflow as PORTFOLIO Vol. 3 described in this PORTFOLIO WORKFLOW POST. However a lot has changed in the last several years with the online printers and I plan to test out a much broader range of options this time around. If you missed it, here is the last post I did in 2014 on COMPARING ONLINE PRINTERS.  More on all of this later….