Porter Sq. Under Construction




By Alex Hogrefe
Sept. 05, 2019




Porter Sq. Station: Existing Conditions

By Alex Hogrefe
Aug 04, 2019


Introducing Portfolio Volume 05





By Alex Hogrefe
June 16, 2019




Arch Viz Podcasts 2019




By Alex Hogrefe
July 13, 2019




Portfolio Volume 05: Cover





Alex Hogrefe
May 28, 2019





Choosing Views: Philly Bridge





By Alex Hogrefe
April 04, 2018






Porter Sq. Under Construction

I know, it has been a while. However, I have been doing a lot of work behind the scenes and I traveled to Vienna, Austria for the infamous D2 Conference. The Porter Square Project is taking longer than normal to design, partly because the site is so complex, and...

Porter Sq. Station: Existing Conditions

Porter Square Station is a place I pass through nearly every day and is the site I have decided to take on as my next design/illustration project. Since the station is nearby my office, it is how I get to and from my home, and how I get in and out of the city for...

Arch Viz Podcast 2019

I am a big fan of podcasts, maybe too much. I listen to them all day everyday while I work. Some of my all time favorites include 99% Invisible, Freakanomics Radio, Revisionist History, The Tim Ferris Show, This American Life, Comedy Bang Bang, Judge John Hodgman,...

Introducing Portfolio Volume 05

After many months, I have finally finished Portfolio Volume 05. I can honestly say that I have put more time into this book than I have on anything else I have ever worked on. So many new illustrations were generated beyond what was shown on this blog and a lot of...

Portfolio Volume 05: Covers

If it seems like I have been posting less and less lately, it is because all of my time has been going into my next portfolio. This book has been in the making for the past 3 years. However, I have taken the last several months to invest all of my free time into...

Choosing a View: Philly Bridge

One of the images not initially generated for the Philly Bridge Project was the south side of the pedestrian bridge. Here, the bridge turns into a park-like setting with lots of trees, vegetation, and a grand stair connecting down to the street level. This was an...

Portfolio Vol. 5

In the works. Expected Release: 2018/2019

Portfolio Vol. 4

My latest portfolio released in 2016, Portfolio Volume 4 discusses new layout  and illustrations/diagrammatic styles. Over 35 posts break down each illustration and explores ideas of composing and refining portfolio presentation techniques.

Portfolio Vol. 3

Released in 2014, Portfolio Vol. 3 builds off of Portfolio Vol. 2 by introducing a new workflow that includes Indesign to better manage page and text organization. New image styles such as x-ray illustrations and exploded axons are introduced.

Portfolio Vol. 2

Developed in 2007, this was my second portfolio created after grad school. The layouts are relaxed with the text playing an important role on many of the pages. Except for the thesis spreads, each project uses no more than 2 spreads to describe the project requiring a denser use of text and images in the layout