The Cranbrook project spreads are starting to come together. I spent some time composing the section and floor plan spreads which meant moving away from the abstract diagrams and into more traditional architectural drawings. I also developed an interior rendering of the space in an attempt to better explain the ramp systems inside and what I was envisioning for colors/material. I decided to go bold with the colors since that seems to be the theme for this project.


Below are the spreads up to this point:








I am struggling with the last spread in relation to the others. It still seems a little foreign in my opinion and lacking the graphic language set up in the others. It could be the lack of the grided texture or simply the color tones of the page, or both. As I develop the final illustrations of exterior/interior shots, I may try inserting other graphics into this spread to see if they transition better.


This will have to be a short post this week since most of my time went into the actual making of these pages. However,  I will see if I can find time to break down the interior image so check back soon.