These past two weeks have been crazy and if any of you follow my Facebook page, you know what I am talking about.  However, with all of the change, I figured it would also be a good time to start a new project as well. The wharf design was a fun project to conceptualize but I am starting to crave full-on architecture. I have started a new project/sketchup model that will be the focus of the next several posts. This model will be used to study interior visualization, something I haven’t covered much on this site, as well as the other typical exterior views, plans, sections, and aerials. I may also jump into some abstract and diagramatic illustrations.

Below are some images of the new design. The model is still in its early stages with several iterations to come. I am recycling some of the surrounding context massing of the wharf model for the context of this new design. The site is only a few blocks from the boston long wharf over a parking lot next to the green way. This seemed like an ideal place to test out a few ideas that I couldn’t do with the wharf project. This location will set me up for several environmental conditions since one side of the building faces a dense urban fabric and the other side faces a park. Overall, this new model will be very flexible when it comes to visualization possibilities.






I hope to get some new tutorials going soon. There are a lot of areas of the arch viz that I haven’t covered that I really want to get too.  I expect this new model to be a good gateway into some of those topics. Stay tuned.