Over the past several months, I have developed many illustrations for my conceptual wharf design. I wanted to start thinking about how these illustrations would be organized into a portfolio layout. One of my favorite parts of arch viz is page layout. Last year, I put together my Portfolio Vol. 3 which combined many different types of illustration styles and techniques. At first, I saw it as an experiment and not really sure how successful combining the wide range of images would be. However, once finished, I think the juxtaposition of the different styles generated a better portfolio.

Going into this new round of spreads, I want to continue this idea of mixing styles while still maintaining control and flow of the story. I will also be exploring portrait orientation. I have typically only designed portfolios in a landscape layout in the past. Portrait layout offers a lot more options and possibilities with the online printers which I plan to explore later on. Beyond printing options, I just want to see what other advantages and disadvantages there are with portrait vs. landscape.

Below is the first round of spreads of the wharf project. The tone of the spreads was set with the first image of the foggy morning illustration. The layouts still need to be refined but the structure and coloring are in place. This early assembly of the pages will also help me to determine what information is still missing and which images need to be created next.






I also wanted to make a quick anouncement that the softcover version of Portfolio Vol. 3 is sold out. There are only about 50 copies of the hardcover left so if you had your eye on one, now is the time to get it. Thanks to everyone who has already purchased a copy and helped support this site.