Visualization Projects

Below are some of the projects I have designed that create a context for my illustrations. Each project is positioned in an unique environment so that I can experiment and explore different visualization strategies


Summerfest Pavilion


As an event venue for the annual Ohio Summerfest, this project utilizes large overhangs and grassy berms to create a large outdoor stage and dance space in the heart of Northwest Ohio’s farmland.

MIT Student Hub


The Student Hub design preserves the historic framework of the MIT campus by recycling facades and maintaining existing building footprints. Modern forms are inserted underground and sliced through the form revealing new connections to iconic campus sculptures and gateways.

Texas Office Park


A Texan Office Complex  weaves through the prairie landscape concealing its massive scale while reinforcing the surrounding habitat. The landscape is a combination of natural prairie, wetlands, pastures, small hills and tree groupings.

Porter Square Redesign


The Porter Square Redesign explores industrial style forms and textures and plays with narratives unique to public transportation.

The Project is located on Massachusetts Avenue and sits between Harvard Square and Davis Square in Cambridge Massachusetts. The station serves several transportation systems; Red Line subway, the Commuter Rail Fitchburg Line, and multiple bus routes.

Mountain Lodge


This 18-story tower is sitated in the Swiss Alps near Trun, Switzerland. The lodge inserts guest suites and amenities into a slim and minimalist structure. A large oculus frames the view of both the nearby mountain and expansive Swiss landscape beyond.

Desert Villa


The Desert Villa takes aggressive geometric forms and places them in the middle of the Nevada Salt Flats. The entire structure is recessed underground blurring the lines between building and landscape.

Research Lab


Located in the Alaskan wilderness, this design explores building in a dense forest landscape while minimizing environmental impact. The program is lifted into the tree canopy on pilotis and incorporates folding panel walls and green roofs.

Philly Bridge


The bridge design connects an up-and-coming infrastructure project known as the Rail Park to the large convention center in the heart of Philadelphia. The bridge crosses over a busy highway incorporating parks, gardens, and retail into an active and engaging public experience.

Cliff Retreat


Situated on the dramatic cliffs of Iceland, this project examines the insertion of architecture into a sensitive landscape giving its inhabitants an intimate and sublime experience with the site.

Crossroads Pavilion


Sited in rural Deshler, Ohio, this project studies how a simple intervention could revitalize a quiet town through capitalizing on an increasingly popular activity–trainspotting

Cultural Center


An introduction of a cultural hub adjacent to the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston. The project studies a lively engagement with the street while responding to a unique site and city edge conditions

Long Wharf


A redevelopment of the Boston Long Wharf morphs the historic site in response to bustling harbor activities and changing tides