The illustration in this tutorial was used for a competition that another student, Jeff Kruth, and I worked on a few years ago in grad School. The video explains the work flow used to add tall grass to an otherwise dull Kerkythea rendering. Some important things to pull from this video are how default Photoshop brushes can be used to get rid of the clean edge lines left over from the rendered image. In this case, a default grass brush in Photoshop was used to soften the edges of the landscape. The burn and dodge tools were used to add shadows and highlights to the vegetation.

In order to cut down the length, I didn’t really take my time with the clipping and making selections. Normally, this would be done a little more carefully and precisely. The base rendering isn’t at a very high resolution either. The video moves pretty fast, but there is a lot of information I am trying to fit in a small amount of time. You may have to use the pause button quite a bit.






(Above) Base Kerkythea rendering with sky and background elements Photoshopped in.





(Above) Grasses added through Photoshop.