I spent most of the day designing and developing the above model that I didn’t leave much room to do an illustration or even a post. However, this is what several hours got me. I’ve done a few illustrations with this model in the past looking at different ways to portray the relationship between the structure and spaces within the design. My first attempts were with a section and an exploded axonย illustration. Something I haven’t tried yet is a rendered x-ray shot. This is my first “test” illustration with this style and I see a lot of potential for this idea to create some graphically interesting and informative illustrations.


The work flow is pretty straight forward. I rendered the model three times, each time removing layers of the model to expose the spaces inside. I then took all three renderings and overlayed them on top of each other in Photoshop. Using layer masks, I tweaked the transparencies to get certain spaces to read stronger than others.






Below, the three renderings used to compose the final illustration.








Since I didn’t have much time to put this together, the way the designed is peeled away isn’t as elegant as it could have been. There is still a lot of information not shown such as the stairs with the cylinders and the structure within the floors. Either way, I like the complexity that the illustration achieved in such a short amount of time. I’m interested to see what kinds of results I can get with some of my other models.