Desert House Vignettes


By Alex Hogrefe
Feb 11, 2018


Desert Site Plan


By Alex Hogrefe
Jan. 14, 2018


Winter Special #6


By Alex Hogrefe
Dec. 18, 2017


Managing Diagrams in Pshop


By Alex Hogrefe
Dec 03, 2017


Desert Trench House

Alex Hogrefe
Nov 19, 2017

Introducing Portfolio Volume 04

By Alex Hogrefe
October 08, 2016




Philly Aerial Break Down

Aerial architectural renderings in a city environment are some of the toughest images to create. For one, you are dealing with a ton of texture, geometry, and complexity when it comes to the context. The ideal way to manage this is to hire a photographer to take...

Day to Night: All Pshop Philly Edition

This will be the third image that I have posted on this site that goes from a daytime base rendering to a full on night rendering using only Photoshop. The first ever No Render Night Tutorial I created came at the very beginning of this website a long time ago. Since...

Entourage Density: Active vs. Tranquil

The next two illustrations that I have generated for the Philly Bridge explore the procession across the bridge. The design incorporates different types of program and landscape depending on the path you choose and the activities users plan to partake in. Therefore, I...

Philly Bridge: 2 for 1 Break Down

Below are some eye level perspectives that I created to get a sense of the pedestrian bridge design from the west side of the site. I had made some substantial changes to the form and wanted to study what the experience was like as you approach it both as a pedestrian...

Site Texture Study: Round Two

I first generated a black and white study like this for my wharf design back in 2014. I liked how this approach breaks down the complexity of site design into simple elements and creating a space for me to quickly "sketch" out and iterate ideas. For this bridge...

Philly Diagram Study

I always look to diagrams to help tease out ideas or to clarify my thoughts as early on in the design process as possible. The diagram being broken down below is working off of a simple model with almost no detail or structural articulation making it easier to update...

Portfolio Vol. 5

In the works. Expected Release: 2018/2019

Portfolio Vol. 4

My latest portfolio released in 2016, Portfolio Volume 4 discusses new layout  and illustrations/diagrammatic styles. Over 35 posts break down each illustration and explores ideas of composing and refining portfolio presentation techniques.

Portfolio Vol. 3

Released in 2014, Portfolio Vol. 3 builds off of Portfolio Vol. 2 by introducing a new workflow that includes Indesign to better manage page and text organization. New image styles such as x-ray illustrations and exploded axons are introduced.

Portfolio Vol. 2

Developed in 2007, this was my second portfolio created after grad school. The layouts are relaxed with the text playing an important role on many of the pages. Except for the thesis spreads, each project uses no more than 2 spreads to describe the project requiring a denser use of text and images in the layout


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Portfolio Vol. 04

An 8.5″x 11″ architecture portfolio exploring architectural graphic representation.


Available in two sizes: 18″x 24″ and 24″x 36″. Museum-quality poster made on thick, durable paper with a matte finish.  All posters are printed on archival, acid-free paper.

Framed Posters

Available in two sizes: 18″x 24″ and 24″x 36″.  All frames are wood, painted black, and are made in Los Angeles. The front protector is Acrylite, shatter resistant, and optically pure. The frames have a 1″ border and are not matted.

Canvas Prints

Available in sizes 24″x 36″ and 18″x 24″. Canvases are 20.5 mill thick, Fade-resistant, poly-cotton blend. Canvases are hand stretched and glued to solid wood stretcher bars, and finished with a matte coating.