Introducing Portfolio Volume 05





By Alex Hogrefe
June 16, 2019




Arch Viz Podcasts 2019




By Alex Hogrefe
July 13, 2019




Portfolio Volume 05: Cover





Alex Hogrefe
May 28, 2019





Choosing Views: Philly Bridge





By Alex Hogrefe
April 04, 2018




Interiors: Abstract to Real




By Alex Hogrefe
Feb 24, 2019




Aerial Trees Break Down

By Alex Hogrefe
Jan. 27, 2019




Typography Part 2

If you read my first post, you understand that Alex and I chose to start his Portfolio design process by selecting fonts. Anytime I begin any kind of design project I always start with type. Others may tell you they start with a grid, color palette, forms, and shapes,...

Winter Special #7

For this year's Winter Special illustration, I decided to create a series of images partly because I couldn't decide on one view, but also to experiment with the effects of thick snow at different view angles. I was less interested in the architectural clarity of the...

Typography Part 1

For the first time on Visualizing Architecture, I am bringing in a new voice to help discuss some important graphic design related topics for the upcoming design of Portfolio Volume 05. Matt Uminski is a really good friend and encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes...

Mountain Lodge Spreads

I have begun thinking about some of the spreads for the Mountain Lodge Project and what kind of tone I want to set. The images consists of simple and minimal diagrams paired with heavily textured and vegetated perspectives intentionally creating a contrast between the...

Mountain Lodge Dusk and Night

It's been way too long since my last post. It has been a busy month traveling and moving Design Distill to a new office. However, I was finally able to find some time this weekend to put together two new images for the Mountain Lodge Project. For these images, all I...

Mountain Lodge Diagrams and Elevations

I have been working up some drafts for a few diagrams and elevations for the mountain lodge project. I am testing out some graphically minimal styles that contrast the highly textured and atmospheric perspective illustrations seen here and here. I don't normally...

Portfolio Vol. 5

In the works. Expected Release: 2018/2019

Portfolio Vol. 4

My latest portfolio released in 2016, Portfolio Volume 4 discusses new layout  and illustrations/diagrammatic styles. Over 35 posts break down each illustration and explores ideas of composing and refining portfolio presentation techniques.

Portfolio Vol. 3

Released in 2014, Portfolio Vol. 3 builds off of Portfolio Vol. 2 by introducing a new workflow that includes Indesign to better manage page and text organization. New image styles such as x-ray illustrations and exploded axons are introduced.

Portfolio Vol. 2

Developed in 2007, this was my second portfolio created after grad school. The layouts are relaxed with the text playing an important role on many of the pages. Except for the thesis spreads, each project uses no more than 2 spreads to describe the project requiring a denser use of text and images in the layout